Ultrakote™ WM EIFS

Ultrakote WM Mechanical Illustration

“Water Managed” system designed to channel any incidental moisture away from wall cavity.
The primary dierence between this and PB system is the application of secondary moisture barrier and channels for incidental moisture drainage. The WM System still oers the design professional desirable features. It is flexible, lightweight and has high insulation values.


Secondary Moisture Barrier:

Tyvek, #15 felt or moisture barrier approved by local code.

Base Coats/Adhesives:

SHURKOTE DB™: A cement and acrylic polymer based product in 50 lb bag that is used as an adhesive for EPS insulation board to an approved substrate and a base coat to embed reinforcing mesh. Covers approximately 90 square feet.

SHURKOTE WB™: A 100% polymer based product in a 5-gallon pail that when mixed with portland cement is designed to be an EPS insulation board adhesive and base coat. Covers approximately 180 square feet.

SHURKOTE ACRYLIC ADHESIVE: A 100% acrylic based material that is designed to be an EPS insulation board adhesive. Coverage is approximately 200 square feet per 5-gallon pail.

Reinforcing Mesh

ULTRAKOTE REINFORCING MESH: Specially woven, alkali resistant gloss fiber reinforcing mesh used with Ultrakote basecoats to provide impact resistance and strength. Available in standard 4.5 oz, 6 oz, 11 oz and 20 oz 38” rolls and starter mesh in 4.5 oz 9" x 150' rolls.


ULTRAPRIME: A premium 100% acrylic protective exterior primer that can be used to protect most exterior surfaces including stem and foundation walls, stucco and EIFS and eectively reduces eorescence. Coverage varies depending on surface being coated.


STUCCOKOTE: A 100% acrylic polymer finish designed to achieve a variety of textures (fine, medium, coarse, swirl and specialty) using various application procedures. Coverage varies from 80 - 130 square feet depending on application and texture.


DuraKote: An acrylic decorative and protective exterior wall coating designed for painting new and recoating previously coated wall surfaces. Coverage varies depending on surface being painted.

STRETCHKOTE: A 100% acrylic based elastomeric decorative and protective exterior wall coating with excellent crack bridging characteristics when applied over cement based exterior surfaces.