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The following warranty list allows the Builder, Design Professional, General Contractor or Applicator to select the warranty that will achieve the level of protection desired.

DURATION IN YEARS Weather Resistive Barrier(1) Liquid Applied Moistrue/Air Barrier (2) Intermal Reinforce-ment (3) Cementi-tious Base Coat (4) UltraPrime (base coat primer) Acrylic Finish Coat Elastomeric Finish Coat Approved Sealant Tensil Strength Coat (5) Inspection Reports (6)
2 X   X X   X        
3 X   X X     X      
5   X X X   X        
6   X X X     X      
7   X X X X X   X    
9   X X X X   X X X  
11   X X X X X   X X X
12   X X X X   X X X X
  1. 2 Ply paper or Tyvek stucco wrap (T & G insulation board optional)
  2. Trowel or roller applied
  3. Metal lath, stucco mesh, or polyvinyl fiberglass lath
  4. Either Ultrakote Concentrate or Pre-Mix base coats
  5. Adhesive Base Coat with standard reinforcing mesh
  6. Routine inspections conducted by the distributor

To request a warranty simply download and complete the “Stucco” Warranty Request Form from this web site. Accuracy in completing this form will ensure a quick return of the warranty approval. Should you have questions concerning the warranties or completing the request form please contact you sales representative.

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